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Medical Records2

Speaking of Medical Records, is your practice fully HIPAA compliant?

Click here for our thoughts on the subject.



How to choose a Shredding Company


How long do we need to keep these?

That’s a good question, best answered by your Accountant and Attorney.  For our opinions on the matter, click here.


Hurricane Sandy taught us all lessons we would rather we didn’t have to learn.

If you just discovered a basement full of wet boxes of records, whether from a storm or a burst pipe, click here for some of what we learned.


Because of the size of our trucks, we now watch the weather very carefully and subscribe to a professional service which includes live radar.  To see Long Island (and regional) weather live, click here.

We talk a lot about the value of NAID AAA Certification.  Here is a video from NAID itself explaining the value of the program... and the rigorous audit process we go through every year!

Does everyone on your team understand their own Data Protection responsibilities? 
We can offer training and compliance assistance at no charge when you order Scheduled Service


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